RV 12/24v dc sewage pumps

July 8,2021.

This sewage pump is designed specifically for sanitation waste and fish box evacuations. This high-powered pump incorporates our high quality motor with a new seamless shell and splash proof design. The Macerator features a premium impeller design and includes o-ring sealed end bells to withstand the harsh marine environment.The pump runs with superior performance wihle deliverying up to 13GPM (49.20LPM).Power available in both 12VDC and 24VDC.

1. Pump Head 2 chambers
2. Open Flow 49L/Min
3. Max Pressure no pressure
4. Motor Configuration lead wires 2-pin connector
5. 2-pin connector with on/off switch
6. Inlet/ outlet size 2''(50mm)/1''(25mm)
7. Pump grinds waste into small particals for easy disposal
8. Motor Voltage 12 VDC/24V

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